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Complete Application Process

Before we can process your order and ship your free handset, we need to receive identification and proof of eligibility. If you have the documents available as a picture or pdf on your computer you can upload them now using the controls below.

Documents Needed:

  • Picture/copy of government ID (i.e. Drivers License or State ID, etc)
  • Picture/copy of Proof of Eligibility (see examples below)

NOTE: Name on ID and name on proof documents MUST match name on application!

Upload a file picture or document from your computer by clicking on the Browse button to find the file, then click the Upload button.

Acceptable forms of Proof

You qualify for the Lifeline subsidy based on your participation in:
Please provide a picture or copy of one of the following:
  • Program Participation Card / Document (i.e. SNAP/EBT Card, Medicaid Card, etc)
  • Notice letter of participation
  • Current Statement of Benefits
  • EBT Account Screen Capture (log into your EBT account on-line and do a screen capture of your account page showing your name, account number and account status.)
  • Other official document evidencing participation