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Expert Choice Utilities provides consumers with choices in many utilities services. We represent premium providers of electricity, home phone service, cable television, internet, home security, and cellular phone service. We are able to compare the plans available and help the consumer make the choice that is best for them. Whether its low start up cost, no start up cost, pre-paid, post-paid, low monthly rates, or no long term contract, we will help you choose the plan that works best for you. We can get you connected when others can't. We've partnered with a variety of reliable, flexible, approved providers to give you utility choices that will get you connected. Our providers have plans that require no deposit, no credit check, and no ID for their pre-paid plans.
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We give you choices to select the plan that is best for you, all in ONE phone call! We can even get you government assistance! With Lifeline Federal assistance, you'll save money on your monthly phone bill, or even enjoy a free cell phone plan!

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Let us connect your home phone, electricity, cable TV with high speed internet, and even get you mobile phone service.

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